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Why Hire an Event Photographer?

American Battlefield Trust Event

Simply put, a good event photographer captures great images of your event. It doesn't matter what type of event you're having, it's the event photographers job to capture the important and special moments.

Some examples when you need an event photographer might be during trade shows, conferences, open houses, release parties, corporate events, or personal celebrations.

A good event photographer knows what to shoot to make clients happy and often it's not necessarily an artistic opportunity for the photographer. Most clients have an idea of what images are important to them, certain moments or themes that should be captured. And a lot of times, they will describe to you a feel or style they are looking for in the images to match their company's branding.

It's always a good idea to provide a shot list for the photographer to help set the expectations for everyone involved. And share samples of images to the photographer to help show what style you're looking for. It's important to establish a baseline expectation.

Keep in mind if you don't have an event photographer someone else may be delegated to getting images of the event and that person will not be able to enjoy the event because they are working. And there are things to consider, like the type of lighting or the lack of, do you have the proper equipment to get the correctly exposed images of your event. Catching the moment is something a good event photographer does. They are quick and ready, on the watch, for emotions, action, special moments, props, branding, there is a lot a professional event photographer can bring to the table for getting great images of your event. If you delegate your photography to one of your employees they may not have the equipment, software, and expertise to give you great images.

Capturing images on the fly is best done by a professional event photographer. He or She will be able to capture images in a variety of different lighting as the moments are happening, and you can have a good time with your guest. You may even want a photographer to provide a small studio set with lights, soft boxes, and backdrop for head-shots of key players.

So when it comes to your next event, think about having great images for social media, marketing, and memories for everyone to enjoy. Hire an event photographer you'll be glad you did.

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