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What type of photography do you do?

Family Lifestyle, Family Portraits, Engagement Couples, Seniors, Events, Commercial Promotional, Scenic Landscapes Fine Art.

How long have you been doing photography?
I've been shooting photography for about 10 years now. I have been awarded for my Fine Art Landscapes. 

What is your price?
For Portraits/Lifestyle $250.00 for a 2-hour shoot. Indoors or Outdoors. Up to 3 clothing changes. This will include the delivery of 10 images web-ready for social media, mobile phone, or website and retouching.  Full resolution files or prints can be purchased in addition to the $250.00 nonrefundable sitting fee. 

How long does it take to get my files back after the photo shoot?
We ask for 2 weeks max, but it depends on the number of photos needing to be retouched. 

Do you shoot film?
No, I don't shoot film but our finished photos are film-like and have that organic timeless feel to them.

Will you travel for a photo shoot?
Yes, but the cost of transportation and time will be added to the pricing of the photo shoot.

Do you use an assistant?

Yes, my wife Delores is also a photographer and is usually at the photo sessions to assist and or shoot.

Do you shoot on location or in-studio?
We shoot on location, when the  client needs a studio head shot or portrait, I can meet them at their location with my studio equipment.

Do you use natural light or strobe lights?
Both, depending on the needs of the client. But I will say most of my sessions are outdoors in natural lighting.

What should I wear for the photo shoot?
Generally speaking, you want to wear neutral colors. Don't wear busy clothing with stripes or patterns, solid colors are better. At times, what you wear depends on the type of images we are trying to create. I will be consulting you all along the way as we work togeather to get your perfect images. 

How do I contact you?
You can call (919-434-8787) or click on "The Photographer"  at the top of my webpage ( and fill out the contact form. 

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